The Legend of Chickenboy

Now for the legend of chickenboy. 

Being born half chicken and half boy, chickenboy had quite a complex when he was young. The other children constantly made fun of him and picked at his feathers. You can imagine all the "why did chickenboy cross the road?" jokes. 

His Dad, saw chickenboy constantly sad and would always tell him, "you can't do anything to change your past, but you can change your future". Chickenboy would ask, "But what do you mean, what can I do, I'm a chickenboy?' His Dad replied, "Focus on one thing son, and become the best there is at that one thing." Chickenboy asked, "But Dad what is that one thing?" "That is for you to figure out chickenboy", his Dad said. 

Time passed and chickenboy spent a lot of time alone. He took up fishing in the local bay system just to have something to do, to ease the pain, and to kill time. Fishing for chickenboy was very theraputic. The other bay birds, seagulls and pelicans even seemed to like chickenboy and it appeared they even pointed out where the fish were for chickenboy to catch. Could it be birds of a feather, really do flock together?

Well as luck would have it, chickenboy got quite good at catching fish, constanly feeding his family and neighbors with fresh fish. Little did chickenboy know he was on the verge of discovering "The one thing his Dad had talked about". 

Chickenboy really enjoyed his chemistry class in Junior High School and started experimenting with melting colored plastics over the bunsen burner in a small pan and molding them into different shapes. One day it came to him, the shape he just created during class looked like a fishing lure. That afternoon he stuck a jig head onto the six inch strip of plastic he had created and hit the bay. What happened next, as the sun was setting in the background, literally brought tears to the eyes of chickenboy. Because for the first time in his life, he felt proud of himself, he knew, that he knew, he had just found "his one thing". Chickenboy had caught in less than 27 minutes, 3 keeper reds and 7 keeper trout and 2 keeper flounder on his newly created lure. was thus created.  Fish with a chickenboy and create your own fishing destiny. 

Chickenboy Reds Trout Flounder